Fixing systems

Welding technology

Stud welders

BOHL GS 100 accu+

Stud welder

The Bohl GS 100 accu+ stud welder equipment can be used in battery or mains mode as required. The battery can be charged via the device.

The welding machine provides a high level of safety, is highly suitable for work on site and is easy to operate. Optimum welding results with different

welding elements and a long working life are further characteristics of the Bohl GS 100 accu+.


drawn-arc welder

Handy, powerful drawn-arc welding equipment with mains voltage filter for use with special insulations in power stations, industrial plants, shipyards,

etc. The machine only needs a mains voltage supply from 100 V to 230 V and provides triple the performance taken from the power supply. The Bohl

GH 950 provides optimum welding results, is very safe and suitable for building site work and has a long working life.

Welding guns

Gun PCP 45-3

Special welding gun for use with Clip-pin insulation welding pins. A special microswitch triggers the welding operation and guarantees a consistent welding quality. It has an integrated spring pressure adjustment system for insulation with high bulk density (e.g. DUCTROCK).

Gun PMK 20

Special welding gun for use with welding studs with flange and ignition tip as well as insulation welding studs. By employing a special chuck, welding pins can also be used for fixing “Foamglass” plates.

Gun PMH 950

Special welding gun with drawn-arc system. With this welding gun, the most specialised welding elements can be employed depending on the use of the corresponding chucks.

Accessories GS 100 accu+

Replacementbattery and Charger for BOHL GS 100 accu+

Transport and storage case
made from sturdy plastic

This transport and storage case made from sturdy plastic can transport welding machines and accessories securely and safe from damage or dirt and stored on sites or on the company's premises. Foam inserts protect all the technical components from damage during transport in particular. In addition, the box makes it easier to store all components, from welding equipment to operating instructions, tidily in the minimum amount of space. A sturdy trolley, available as an option, allows the entire system to be handled easily and safely.

Self Service Set

The self-service set allows basic maintenance work to be carried out to all parts subject to wear and consists of: 1 x service instructions, 1 x assembly pin, 1 x holding magnet, 1 x insulating sheath, 4 x contact ring (for use with all welding guns in the GS 45 and GS 100 series)


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Battery charger 150

Ideal for charging a second battery at work or over night if the welding machine
is left on site. Includes power cord.

Replacementbattery 150

The replacement battery is the same design as the battery supplied.
Having a number of batteries increases efficiency on site.

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