Special fabric compensators

Made to measure.

Using special software and with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Bohl special compensators are used in a wide variety of systems. Using sophisticated technology combined with experience and precise craftsmanship, we are able to customise our products and manufacture them individually to meet all sorts of different requirements.

Typical areas of use are:

      • Power stations
      • Dust  extraction units
      • Industrial furnaces
      • Incineration plants
      • Smelting works
      • Paper factories
      • Cement and lime works

Fabric compensators are used to balance out expansions and vibrations in pipework systems. The movements can be axial, lateral and angular and may occur alone or simultaneously. Bohl compensators are designed using a configuration programme, taking into account all the all the technical requirements as regards temperature, pressure and movement. The operating parameters determined form an integral part of our offer.

Individual processing also continues in our production unit. Every single compensator is made using a mould. The materials determined by the design software are built up layer by layer and, depending on their characteristics, are sewn, welded or joined using a special adhesive process. For all our compensators, we also offer any flanges, ducting, fixing and assembly material needed. Bohl fabric compensators are easy to assemble and can generally be installed by the customer. If you cannot install them yourself, our specialist staff will take over installation.

Almost nothing is impossible.

The diversity of fabric.

Because of the enormous range of possible uses, the requirements for the material structure are determined individually. Food-safe, silicone-free, resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents - these are just some examples of the span of the various fabrics. The use of these types of fabric depends on the medium at hand and guarantees the optimum design of the compensator to suit the existing operating parameters of your system. Multi-layered compensators are generally made up of three areas: With one- or two-layer compensators, these functions are provided by fabrics with a corresponding coating. All the materials used are tested by our suppliers and are subjected to further testing in our company before and during production. This allows us to maintain consistently high standards of quality.

Our software will calculate your individual compensator solution on the basis of this information:

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