BEL 600-2 smoke exhaust duct
according to DIN 12101, Part 7

Smoke exhaust ducting in general

Set 1

BEL 600-2 with flat flanges

Dimensions and options (without and with duct support)


The Bohl BEL 600-2 smoke exhaust duct is a complete system for the removal of smoke from individual sections according to DIN EN 12101-7: 2011 and for installation in a horizontal direction.

Testing was carried out at 600°C over a period of 120 minutes by MPA Braunschweig. The results are summarised in the corresponding test report no. 3027/614/11, the certificate of constancy of performance (0761-CPR-0354) and the classification report (K-3327/44/13-MPA BS).

According to the test carried out, the maximum edge length of the duct is 1250 x 1000 mm. In the system, an underpressure of up to 1500 Pa and an overpressure of max. 500 Pa are allowed. The smoke exhaust duct comprises ducting and shaped pieces in galvanised steel sheet, multilayer fabric compensators and temperature-resistant ceramic fibre sealing strips. The smoke exhaust duct parts are provided with a CE mark and the compensators bear a reference to the certificate.

Set 2

BEL 600-2 with adapter duct parts

Beyond the instructions provided here, assembly must be carried out in accordance with the locally relevant guidelines, the standards and provisions of the law. Assembly may only be carried out by trained, instructed specialist personnel. The provisions of these instructions and any other instructions for the assembly of components and fixing material must be followed.

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